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Email & Web Design

First is my proposed homepage redesign for Southern Virginia University.

Second is an email campaign for FamilySearch about discovering pioneer ancestors who crossed America with handcarts or covered wagons. When the ancestor's photo is clicked, barn doors close with more information, creating a surprising and fun experience.

Third is an email campaign I designed for FamilySearch, encouraging LDS people to volunteer to take found ancestor names to the temple. We started with photos typical of other email campaigns, but then decided we wanted it to be more eye-catching and fun, so we opted for colorful illustrations. The illustrations are a mix of stock and my own creation. I also made an animation in Keynote of the two people emailing, but that did not end up being used in the final email. 

Both email campaigns are sent to thousands of FamilySearch users.

The last two projects are from a web design class during my last year at Utah State. I built these two websites from scratch, using HTML and CSS. They are about two of my favorite subjects: Charles Dickens and bacon. The bacon site is responsive.

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